More on ‘My Tribe..

More on ‘My Tribe..

Hey Everyone!!

Well I hope all is going well, and your all having a bunch of fun! As for me, it’s just getting super busy with projects on the start.

I have two major ones at the moment about to commence and it will be taking up a lot of my time , so posting might be a little intermittent over the next few months.

One of the projects I can’t talk about to much at the moment, mainly because it has…

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Same but different.

When you can decide on an image, make two copies and see which one you like best I suppose.



I can’t decide on which one I like better. The Black and White has the Old World class of a classic image, yet the blue toned one seems to have more depth and a little more mystery about it.

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According to a recent EPA report, the average American produces 4 pounds of trash in a single day, nearly double the figure recorded in 1960.

In 7 Days of Garbage, photographer Gregg Segal photographs his friends and neighbors lying in the trash they produced in a single week.

Portraits Reflect the Amount of Trash We Create in a Single Week

via Slate

Amazing piece of work.

Rod McNicol at MGA

Rod McNicol at MGA

I went to a lovely talk on Saturday at MGA.

Rod McNicol is currently exhibiting “Momento Mori”  at MGA. It’s running till the 31st August so please pop in and take a look.

Rod McNicol’s portraiture is quite amazing. His very unique style makes for photographs that draw you very deeply into the gaze, yet the amount of information is kept to a very bare minimum. His sitters are generally sitting…

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So which do you choose??

So which do you choose??

When we take digital photographs we always end up with a dilemma, Black and White or Colour?

Is there anything wrong with either? Well no, but sometimes a photograph can ‘feel’ like a black and white image yet not really make it.

This is the same image (yes i know the crop is slightly different) with the same RAW processing. Even though it’s the same image, do we get a different emotional…

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Photo Book Making Day

Photo Book Making Day

I was lucky enough to get my first real photo book made, but it was also critiqued and shown at Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive.


I was a book I have based on my Semester one folio idea of the recurring fear we have that can still haunt and upset us in our adult life. We know these things can never hurt us, they are only toys, but we have a unusual irrational fear of them.

Do I plan on doing a…

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Sandro Giordana

A wonderful body of work is emerging form photographer Sandro Giordana.

These amazing and crazy images stemmed from an idea when Giordana fell from a push bike and another friend breaking their leg trying to save a phone from water.

The images have a wonderful absurdity to them, without the grossness of blood and bits. They are almost a commentary on the clumsiness of us all at some stages in…

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The Happy Mistakes

Shooting film gives some very happy mistakes sometimes, and when you use a super cheap plastic camera and cheap film, these results are even better.

This image was shot using my Holga 120 N, a very cheap plastic camera and lens from a bygone era. They have made a very big comeback in the Hipster revival of all things low fi.

On a camera like the Holga, if you don’t turn the advance wheel you…

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Exciting New Stretch Goal Announced for the Lomo’Instant Kickstarter Project!

We are very excited to announce a new Kickstarter stretch goal for the Lomo’Instant! Come on in to find out more:

Nine days left to make your pledge! Help us reach the $1,000,000 stretch goal and get the awesome Lomo’Instant Close-up Lens!


Plastic shopping bags have become a fixture of modern life, but despite their convenience, their impact on the environment is tough to ignore. 

In his Plastic Bag Landscapes series, photographer Vilde Rolfsen draws attention to the issue by using colored lights to transform the bags into abstract images. See the rest below!

Plastic Shopping Bags Transformed Into Abstract Images

via AnOther Mag